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7 Reasons Why Local Connections Is A Great Way To Reach Your Business Goals

7 Reasons Why Local Connections Is A Great Way To Reach Your Business Goals

Every business operates with the same basic principles. While you might differentiate in product or strategy, all businesses need to be constantly evolving, adapting, and growing to meet your customers’ needs. In everything you do, you want your business to reach your audience, to expand your clientele, and to grow your customer base. Sponsoring a Local Connections article on this website can help you do just that and here’s why:

1. Provides An In-depth Educational Opportunity

Your message can include many more details in comparison to a banner ad or a radio spot. Each of these options provides significant benefit to your advertising strategy, and Local Connections is a great complement to them. The article is where you can expand on the message of your ads, broaden your scope and dive into the details while creating a new link to your community. Without time or space constraints, this is your opportunity to fully educate your audience.

2. Establishes Trust With Your Audience

This format isn’t an overt advertisement. Instead it encourages a connection with your audience. While your business will be featured prominently, the content is not directly about you. Instead, it’s all about your audience. As such, the content is very benefits-rich. By focussing on the benefit to the reader and helping solve a problem they have, it builds trust between your business and the reader. In this way, when they’re in need of the type of service your business provides, they’ll be coming to you because trust is a powerful influencer. It’s also an indirect, subtle selling point that you can’t just advertise. Trust is something you have to create.

3. Enhances Digital Brand Awareness

Local Connections provides a platform for your business to showcase itself online. In an increasingly digital world it’s important to have a digital presence. From social media to websites to sponsored content, it keeps a business’ brand current and relevant. Your content on Local Connections will live online permanently under your brand. This is an opportunity that is different from all other forms of marketing. Because the cost of a digital article is one of the few options not based on duration, the value of your Local Connections article will continue to build over time as it is a permanent part of our website.

4. Supported With Radio Spots

Not only do you get a permanent branded article on our website, but you’ll also receive on-air spots to drive traffic to it. The radio spots keep your company’s brand fresh and top of mind while also getting listeners to go online to the article where they are again interacting with your brand. Best of all, you get to decide how much frequency you want for your radio spots, based on your budget.

5. Supported With Social Media Posts

In addition to the aforementioned Radio Spots, you will also get supplemental social media engagement from our stations so your brand will reach our entire online community as well. Each week for four weeks, you’ll receive one social media post driving traffic to your article. Taken collectively, the Local Connections article, radio spots, and social posts provide a comprehensive marketing package that reaches different audiences in different ways while consistently putting your brand in front of listeners and viewers.

6. Allows For A Visual Showcase

While radio is known as the “theatre of the mind,” physically putting your brand in front of our listeners’ eyes provides an entirely new and different opportunity to connect with them. A digital article can contain images, logos, videos, and more – all optional media assets that you can share. A balance of text and visuals allows your brand to not just tell its story, but to show it in a simple, concise, and attractive way that is engaging to your audience.

7. Provides Measurable Results

Using analytic tools, we’re able to see and track digital traffic. We can monitor how many visitors come to our site and how much time they spend on it, all of which translates into value for you. The time that is spent on our site proves that our audience is taking the time to read your article which means they are learning about you and your brand on Local Connections.

Local Connections is exactly that: your connection to your local community. If you’re ready to accomplish your business goals contact us today to get started on your Local Connections article. We’re excited to help you reach your audience and grow your clientele in a new and innovative way.

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