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AJN Investment & Development’s Home Panel Manufacturing Facility Coming To Prosperity Industrial Park

The Town of Vegreville is very happy to announce the first official sale of land at Prosperity Industrial Park.
According to a press release from the Town, the Park will soon be home to AJN Investment & Development’s $9.65-million dollar manufacturing facility on a 5.53-acre lot.
AJN’s patented paneling system is described as being part of a unique concrete home-building process. Also stated in the press release is that it aims to eliminate the need for lumber and drywall, increase construction speed, reduce the labour required, and thus significantly lower the overall cost of homes.
Mayor Tim MacPhee says the panel they build is good for housing, it’s good for commercial, and it is the next step in this building process in how affordable it is and how safe it is. He says “We’re very happy to have them. We just need to find some housing for their employees. This is a big part of moving forward with these other industries that we are talking to is ‘Where are we going to house these employees?’ So their proposal is they will build with their panel, very affordable housing. So we will be reaching out to both federal and provincial governments about how we are going to move forward on Town owned land to get these houses up to house the work force that these industries are going to need.”
Mayor MacPhee wants people to understand just how happy AJN is to come to Vegreville. He adds, they are all about community. MacPhee says “We are working hard to get a housing project done in Town with them. Their plant will probably take about 14 months once they get to start the build. They have already ordered their equipment but they’re already having these panels built out of the country and shipped here. They have housing projects going on the eastern seaboard of the United States and they have even some locally here.”
He says to have AJN Investment & Development confirmed as the first official sale of land at Prosperity Industrial Park and the fact they are so community minded is such good news for the Town of Vegreville. AJN is planning to begin construction of its Home Panel Manufacturing Facility in the spring of 2025 and the potential exists for creating 50 jobs once it is completed with the possibility to scale up to 200.
Following Monday night’s council meeting, Mayor MacPhee noted the Town is still working on some pending land deals at Prosperity Industrial Park as they continue to move forward.

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