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Government House Leader Recaps Productive Spring Legislative Session

Alberta’s Government House Leader has wrapped up what he calls a productive spring legislative session.
In Edmonton yesterday, Joseph Schow underscored the fact that the provincial government delivered on its mandate to protect Albertans and build a prosperous future.
The Public Safety Statutes Amendment Act, the Emergency Statutes Amendment Act, and the Health Statutes Amendment Act, along with the Canadian Centre of Recovery Excellence Act were among the ways Schow highlighted that Alberta’s government took strong action to protect Alberta’s families and communities.
He notes that this session, Alberta’s government also passed the first Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act resolution. Schow says “Standing up for Albertans against the risk of black outs, brown outs and soaring electricity costs posed by the federal government’s unconstitutional clean electricity regulations.”
The Government House Leader was asked following the press conference if Alberta’s government did enough to focus on affordability during the spring legislative session. Schow thinks affordability is always top of mind. He says “I hear it everywhere I go in the province. Whether it is from the tourism operators, whether it is from sporting organizations, or the good people of Cardson-Siksika. I think as a province we do a very good job already, as a baseline with the lowest tax jurisdiction in the country. We have no PST. We removed the fuel tax for just about two years, and depending upon the rolling average that could come off again in the next quarter. So we’re always thinking about affordability measures but, you know, there is always potential options to do more and we are always listening.”
Schow also pointed out during his wrap up of the spring session that Budget 2024 set the theme by laying out the provincial government’s priorities of building safe communities, strengthening health care, and managing resources wisely while supporting our growing province. He says the Heritage Savings Trust Fund has been brought up to an all-time high of $22.1 billion dollars.

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