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Council Approves Town Of Vegreville’s Audited Financial Statements

A delegation from Wilde and Company, Chartered Professional Accountants was on hand at this week’s council meeting to provide its report and present the Town of Vegreville’s Audited Financial Statements for the year ending on December 31st, 2023.
Mayor Tim MacPhee thanks the auditors. He says they have been doing the Town’s audit for a very long time and Vegreville is very lucky to have a former auditor from their company as its Corporate Services Director in Meghan Saskiw. MacPhee says all in all things haven’t changed very much in the practices they go by to see where the Town is at financially.
There are are couple little changes this year and MacPhee says he always has a conversation with them when they are getting close to being done their audit and asks if there are any questions of council, any concerns and again they had nothing brought up this year. He says it looks like they are rolling ahead and with a couple of questions of the auditor on Monday, council got some answers which he says he never knew they follow up in as much detail as they do, so it was kind of nice to hear.
Town council accepted the report and approved the Audited Financial Statements at Monday night’s meeting. The Audited Financial Statements will be made available at the Town Office and posted on the Town’s website.

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